Thursday, January 27, 2011

My thoughts on the movies I saw in 1/25

Perfect Sense

When there's a Ewan Macgregor movie playing anywhere - Sundance or otherwise - you show up.   I didn't care what this was about or whether or not he was in town (he's not). He makes mostly very wise decisions about which roles he takes, so I knew that the chance of this movie being good was very high. And this theory definitely held up.  This movie surrounds a global pandemic making entire populations briefly very sad, and then losing their sense of smell.  In the middle of this insanity, a handsome chef meets an epidemiologist and they begin falling in love.  I'm not sure why, but in tone this movie reminded me a little bit of The Road in that it was bleak but beautiful, and makes you think about how important it is to enjoy life to its fullest. 

Like Crazy

This is a sweet, honest little drama about two attractive college students attempting a long distance relationship. I've heard it compared to Blue Valentine a little - and I can kind of see that, in tone. The director was so sweet afterwards talking about how

Old Cats

This was a heartbreaking and terrifying family drama about two elderly people in Chile struggling with their drug-addicted daughter trying to take advantage of them.  Really well done - and by the same director as The Maid which was also great.  For anyone who dreads getting old, this is a horror movie.

Resurrect Dead

Ever seen those tiles on the streets of major cities in the US? Nobody knew who put them there or why, but they began appearing in the early 80's all over the country and even in a few locations outside of the country.  The director worked for five years, with a handful of guys similarly obsessed about the origins of the tiles, to discover where they came from. This was so much fun - an absolute delight to watch how it unfolds. I couldn't help but compare it to Shut Up Little Man in that it also involved the concepts of exploitation of subjects and privacy - but I think this one handled it a lot differently and better.  I highly recommend this movie!


Wow, wow, wow. I missed this one at TIFF and wasn't really planning on seeing it at Sundance until it was announced last Tuesday that it was nominated for an Oscar. So we checked it out and were very glad we did. Very heavy drama complete with war flashbacks and family secrets coming out after death. I still want Dogtooth to win that award but I have to highly recommend this movie.

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