Friday, January 21, 2011

Some quick thoughts on the movies I saw today.

I love Sundance for making the first Thursday a two-movie day (when you used to be able to catch only one).

The first one, The Guard, was introduced by first time director John Michael McDonagh as a dark comedy with some sad bits.  I found it to contain one of the most memorable characters I've seen on film in quite some time, a not-exactly-by-the-book or incredibly kind police officer in Ireland, played by Brendan Gleeson.  Unfortunately I'm not so great at Irish accents so I think I missed about 20% of the incredibly sharp dialogue. Still - lots of laughs.

Then we went to see Pariah, our first US Dramatic Competition film of the fest.  It had all the makings of the best of Sundance fare - African American lesbian teenager in New York coming out and coming of age in a world that won't accept her for who she is.  I don't think it was a perfect film but I truly enjoyed it, especially the performance by the lead actress, who's named Adpero Oduye.  I was amazed how expressive she could be in just a glance or facial expression, without saying a word. It was a tender story with a handful of very real moments.  It went over very well - standing ovation and everything. I hope it does well.

I have five films planned tomorrow including new ones from Miranda July and Tom McCarthy as well as a couple of docs and one more that I don't remember much about.

I've got to head off to sleep if I have any hope of staying awake long enough to enjoy them. Also because Eef's hassling me to post my reviews. OK! OK!

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