Friday, January 21, 2011

Two movies today so far two write about.

First one: Rebirth. I chose this 9/11 documentary from the list of movies to see several weeks ago and then waking up at 7 AM today I was like "uh - really, this is why I'm dragging my butt out of bed after only five hours of sleep?" But you know what - it was great. Not just because I had low expectations.

It followed five people affected by the 9/11 WTC attacks, checking in with them once a year. It was a fascinating portrait of their lives. I couldn't stop admiring the score while I was watching. Of course the credits revealed it was by Philip Glass. I'll tell you what I loved about the movie - not one time did they show the image of the towers falling. Not one time was there any video of the towers at all actually, standing, falling, aflame, nothing. That should say quite a lot about the level of artistry and proper handling given to the subject. Also it was entirely apolitical - on purpose clearly. Lastly, it was not without humor. it was a teary film but never ever manipulatively so - and that is quite a feat given the topic. I really loved this. I think it's going to be very big given this year being the ten year anniversary.

Then, we saw another film that's in the Documentary Premiere section - this one a BIT lighter, called Bobby Fischer Against the World. It was just fine - well done, entertaining, thought-provoking enough. Nothing bad to say about this movie whatsoever. I'll mention too that Eef, Shiri and I showed up ten minutes before the movie started and we all three managed to get tickets. Thankyouverymuch.

Now we are at the Yarrow about to try and see a movie called Bellflower. Hey Erin!

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