Friday, January 21, 2011

Up to five movies seen now at Sundance.

The last film we saw was called Bellflower, which seemed interesting and edgy to me. And both of those rung true but didn't also mean the movie was good - at all. It started out like a mumble core style casual boy-meets-girl-in-a-bar-and-then-goes-on-super-spontaneous-cross-country-road-trip story. But then it quickly (or actually not so quickly at all) descended into this somewhat non-sensical gory revenge tale. Or was it? At any rate - not something I can recommend at all, even though there were a few clever bits. Oh and it was way, way, WAY too long.

Now we're sitting at the Eccles excited to see the latest from Miranda July (director of Me and You and Everyone We Know). Did I get that title right?

This one makes us 6 for 6 for getting tickets - no surprise but always reassuring at this point in the festival.

After this is my most anticipated, the new Tom McCarthy film Win Win.

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